I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.
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tired morning boy

this mango is almost as big as my head also my skin looks good not being stressed is nice

waiting for my toast to be done looks

some favs from iphoto

realjonsnow, dorkivore, inranks, feeloutthesummerbreeze, babytopanga, notpano if y’all wanna hop on this selfie game train

Brunch earlier was the best

Hanging out with Jarron (treekno) today! Princeton is pretty.

Spent the day exploring the city more after helping at the honors orientation lunch. Gonna buy a pair of black docs for autumn, I finally got to try a few pairs on for sizing purposes. I got a donut at Federal Donuts and read a book in this cute community garden I found right off of 12th and Locust underneath that beautiful mural. I had a good day.

yesterday’s look was interesting

a riveting trilogy from work today

giant mug or tiny boy?